Fox News host Dana Perino believes that President Obama’s speech was not ‘the moment’ on The Five’

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera, a correspondent at large for Fox News, criticized President Joe Biden’s “sleepy” speech outlining his federal plan to reduce gun violence in America’s inner cities.

Biden stated in the public address that the Federal Government could crackdown illegal gun purchases and reduce the rising crime wave across the country.

The “The Five” hosts pointed out that murders in Portland, Ore. are up 800% annually, while east coast cities New York and Philadelphia are experiencing smaller spikes. Jesse Watters quizzed Rivera on whether he thought Biden was “engaged”, “compassionate” with victims.

Rivera said Rivera sounded average and that he was not proud of the Delaware Democrat’s programs.

“Compassion aside, where was the passion? Rivera said, “That speech was as laid back and simple as the program that he is proposing.”

The journalist for over 30 years, who reported on violent crimes throughout his career, stated that Biden’s allocations of resources toward summertime programs for urban-ethnic youth and the prevention of illegal firearm sale will not solve the problem.

“This is a civil rights issue of today, murder now is the leading cause for death. What is an emergency? Later, he asked.

“In Chicago [there was] 8 people murdered, 54 people shot over the weekend – that’s an emergency and that calls for immediate action.

Rivera stated that Biden should direct $360 billion of taxpayer funds to summertime programs to Chicago police instead. This funding could be used to support Chicago police in “stop and frisk” crime prevention techniques, such as those that were established in New York City by Rudolph Giuliani and NYPD Commissioners Bill Bratton or Raymond Kelly.

The Big Apple, under Mayor Bill de Blasio (now outgoing), effectively ended the practice by dropping an appeal from Michael Bloomberg on behalf of the municipality.

Rivera declared that stop-and frisk was constitutional. “Let’s [also] have roadblocks, let’s go after these organized criminal enterprises.

Biden appeared tired during the speech, and the host suggested that he was simply responding to increasing concern from the populace.

“That [address] had been very, very tired — and you know that I like him – but it was pathetic and seems to be totally reactive to bad press – the were scrambling in order to get something done,” said he.


“They could emergently be more serious than the president of the United States portrayed them just then.”

Later on, the host Dana Perino seemed agreeable with Rivera’s perspective on Biden’s monotone.

“[He] read it like he was reading back a fast-food order at a Drive-Thru.”

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