FOX News senior strategic analyst tells ‘Fox News Primetime’ ‘none of our presidents have done a very good job’ of keeping Americans informed of what’s going on Middle East

Gen. Jack Keane told “Fox News Primetime” Tuesday he finds that the President’s decision to withdrawal troops from Afghanistan as ” black “ and “reckless,” and that no American president has done a fantastic job of maintaining the “American people informed. “

GEN. JACK KEANE: I fundamentally disagree with President Trump announcing a 1 May withdrawal, although he did have in mind there would be in place certain conditions prior to the United States would withdrawal, which would be, hopefully we’d have a peace agreement negotiated between the Afghan government and the Taliban, and also a cease fire. We dont have any of that, we’ve got a stalemate and discussions. And second, the Taliban has improved the amount of violence in the nation itself. So, the Taliban sees that there’s political weakness in america with regards to a resolve to remain, and they’ve been clearly taking advantage of that situation. I think this decision is misguided because it’s reckless and it’s also shameful…

The terrorists harbor ’t left the battle …we don’t keep the American people informed and advised, is exactly what ’s going on. Not one of our presidents have ever done a very good job of doing that. And the facts are, they ’re still out there. And as I said, I think what we have done and what we have evolved and matured to is a really specific and focused threat on just those groups that have aspirations to hurt America and the American people. And it’s a modest involvement in doing this. And, it’s a complete distortion about talking about this major war that we’re involved in in Afghanistan, it’s just not the case.


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